Glass Euro Dropper Bottles | Essential Oil | Aromatherapy

Glass Euro Dropper Bottles

For Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Applications

Our glass Euro Dropper Bottles dispenses a wide range of essential oil / carrier oil combinations for aromatherapy applications. Essential oil viscosities may vary according to the type and concentration of oils used. We give you a choice of white or black tamper evident caps with a medium (0.85mm) orifice reducer or separately pick the orifice reducer size that will best match the viscosity of your essential oil mix. Our four orifice reducers are sized from thin (0.55mm), medium (0.85mm), thick (1.00mm), and very thick (1.15mm). These sizes should cover most aromatherapy applications.

Compatible essential oil products combined with our Boston Round Glass bottles can also be dispensed by pipette, brush, treatment pump, lotion pump and by spray misters.

* All fill products must be tested with the container/closure for compatibility.

Glass Euro Dropper Bottles for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

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Caps and Plugs

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