Marijuana Packaging Containers

Marijuana Packaging

Wholesale Dispensary and Smoke Shop Supply for the Cannabis Industry

E.D. Luce Packaging offers a large selection of marijuana packaging options for dispensary supply and cannabis industry products. We are pleased to present a variety of tamper evident and child resistant cannabis containers that meet state guidelines and regulations for safe medical marijuana packaging.

We offer packaging options for a variety of marijuana products such as:

  • cannabis leaf Cannabis Flower, Buds
  • cannabis leaf CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, E-liquids, Vape Oil, Tinctures
  • cannabis leaf Marijuana Concentrate, Wax, Dabs
  • cannabis leaf Edibles
  • cannabis leaf Topicals, Ointments, Balms
  • cannabis leaf Pills, Capsules

Marijuana Containers: Bottles, Jars, Droppers, Vials, Child Resistant Closures

Browse our gallery of marijuana containers or select the type of cannabis product you are selling to quickly filter specific selections.

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