Fine Mist Sprayers

Fine Mist Sprayers

Wholesale Spray Misters for Bottles

When dispensing cleaners, liquid hand sanitizers, skin and hair care products, fine mist sprayers offer a smart choice. Available in 20-410 and 24-410 cap sizes, E.D. Luce Packaging carries a wide variety of fine mist sprayers that provide a perfect fit for our glass and plastic bottles.

Our spray misters dispense a long-lasting spray with a 0.20ml - 0.30ml output per stroke, allowing liquids of low viscosity to be sprayed smoothly. The inner spring requires minimal effort to press and spray. All sprayers include a clear, protective snap-on styrene cap to prevent any accidental sprays.

Whatever the product application, we have the perfect fine mist sprayer for the job. Available in colors black, white, clear, and natural, our sprayers can easily be matched to your product specification. We also offer both ribbed and smooth fine mist sprayer caps.

The dip tubes for the sprayers are available at various lengths to accommodate the size of glass and plastic bottles we carry. Dip tube lengths are measured from the cap gasket to the end of the dip tube.

Fine mist sprayers from E.D. Luce Packaging can be purchased individually or in bulk for wholesale pricing.

Fine Mist Sprayers

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